How to Print

How To Download

I usually put the download links above or below the picture of the item. Sometimes they are marked "here". This link will take you to, where all my printables are housed. I frequently get comments from readers having trouble because they are clicking on the picture and trying to save it. This won't work if you are trying to print them in actual size.

For 16x20 Subway Art

To print it out using (These are not exact, but you get the gist)


First click the link and click "Actual Size", then download and save image

Click "Upload Photo" on (doesn't matter what site you use)

Click "Upload to Album"

Click "Select Photo"

Click "Shop Products"

Click "Posters"

Choose 16x20

Be sure to check your proof to make sure it looks right!

For Everything Else

Click each link and select "Actual Size". Download image or document and either print on your home printer or send off to be processed. Most of my designs are sized 8.5 x 11, 8x10, or 5x7.