First/Then Boards for Augmentative Communication

At the request of some of my co-workers, I was asked to put together a "First-Then" Board. They can be great tools for helping those children without and even with language deal with transitions. They can also help their caregivers prevent challenging behaviors from happening. This was children can always know what is coming up next. I forgot to post some pictures from our picture schedule with mine; but a good example would be:

First: Nap, Then: Snack

Or another example could be:

First: Circle time, Then: Playground

I have heard it said before that it is also a good idea to place a desirable activty in the "then" spot to give the child something to look toward enjoying. So, if you have need of a picture schedule or think it might benefit someone you know:

Here is the FREE-PRINTABLE link for download:
First/Then Board

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