Saturday, May 10, 2014

Retro Sibling Shirts


Last year for Father's Day, I ended up making one of these shirts for my hubby.  You can see that post here. This year, for Mother's Day, I made myself a "mommy" version of this shirt.  I also thought it would be fitting to make some sibling shirts with the addition of our newest family member last year.  

I absolutely love these raglan t-shirts that I found at  They make any design into an instant cute t-shirt.  These shirts are very light, so they can be worn both summer and winter.  For extra warmth during the winter months, just add a shirt underneath. 

ended up having to design my image on publisher and convert it to a jpeg so that my machine would cut it as one continuous design.  For info on how to  do that, check out my publisher tutorials here.  I used my craft cutter machine to cut the t-shirt vinyl. I then pressed the design with my heat press.  If you don't have a heat press, you will need to order the special iron-on vinyl that Silhouette offers.

The fonts I used for these shirts were: American CaptainBrannboll, and Sedgwick.  All of them are free fonts! Make sure you read the info carefully on how to make the swashes for the Branboll font.

Happy Mother's Day tomorrow!

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Sunday, April 13, 2014

"So Hoppy" Class Treat: Free Printable w/ Fingerprint Bunny

I have been hard at work on the little ones' class Easter treats.  I decided to make another "hoppy" card and bring back the funprint bunny on a card.  For my five-month old, I just opted for a simple card for little fuss.
Just download the printable and print.  Have your special little one "sign" the card with their own handprint bunny.  Instructions for how to make your fingerprint bunny can be found here.
Printable-link for blog subscribers here.  Personal-use only please.
Hope you enjoy!

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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Super Sweet Teacher Gift: Free Printable

Are you all ready for another teacher gift? Well, ready or not, here it comes.  I came across these Sweet Spun Sugar candles at Target and thought that they would make a great inexpensive teacher gift. They smell all sorts of yummy, so I thought I would make up a little printable tag in chalkboard graphic style to finish them off.  Most of the fonts that I used were Kimberly Geswein free fonts.  I love all of her fonts and dingbats!
I attached the card with washi tape to my candle jar.  I then dressed up a paper bag with some scrapbook paper and baker's twine.  Of course, you don't have to use a candle like this one. A sweet treat or some candy would also fit well with this free printable card.
 Printable link for blog subscribers here.

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Saturday, March 29, 2014

So Hoppy Teacher Gift Idea: Free Printable

Here is a super-cute and easy teacher gift for Easter this year! 

Step One- Find you a chocolate bunny. Or in my case,  a Cookies 'n Cream bunny. I can't imagine where you would find a chocolate bunny at this time of year!  LOL!
Step Two- Download and print out the free-printable. Link found here.  Blog-subscribers only, please. I made 3 different card sizes for you all.
Step Three- Attach the card to your chocolate bunny gift!
Step Four- Give it to the Best Teacher Ever!

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Saturday, March 22, 2014

No Bunny Bag Toppers: Free Printables

Here  is my new and improved  "No Bunny Bag Topper" for 2014!  Of course, you are still welcome to use any of the other older versions if you like.

These make great Sunday School gifts, class gifts, and Easter basket fillers.  They even make great witnessing tools and conversation starters for sharing your faith in Jesus Christ.  Just put some bunny peeps in a quart-size ziploc bag.   You don't have to use Peeps - fill it up with any kind of  bunny creation. Once you have your bunnies in the bag, seal the bag and roll it down so the bunnies won't shift so much. Next, print out your cards and trim.  Then attach the card to some card stock to make a fold-over card. Once your card is assembled, just fold over your bag and staple at both bottom corners.

Printable links for blog-subscribers are under each of the following pictures:

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Saturday, March 15, 2014

Easter Mantel

Here is a look at my Easter mantel for this year. I am quite crazy about it.  I already had much of the navy colored items from my Living Room Redo that I did last Spring.  I decided to go with pink as my other accent color. I really think that it makes it pop.  I made an accordion fan bunting as a great finishing touch. For instructions on how to make one of your own, click here and here.

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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Easter Subway Art: Free Printable

Have you started decorating for Easter yet? I must confess that my house has been done-up for at least two weeks now.  Easter just gets me so excited.  This is the day that we celebrate the resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  Without Him, I would be nothing.

So here's some subway art to get your Easter decor on the right start.  Download links for blog subscribers are under each of the following pictures.  They are sized 16x20, but will also print fine as an 8x10.

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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Colors of Christ Egg Coloring Kit: Free Printable

Coloring Easter eggs is a great way to teach our children about Christ.  Much like the Resurection Egg concept, comes my "Color of Christ"  Egg Coloring Printable.  It's made to go right over the front of one of the traditional PAAS egg coloring kits.  You will need to trim it to fit.  I made it a little bigger just in case there were other egg kits out there that others wanted to use.  I only defined the "rainbow" colors that come in the traditional kit, so if you get a different kit you will need to be a little bit more creative on your own.  I have faith in you!
The meanings of each color are listed on the second page that can either be folded up to go inside the package or just left outside.  Here are the different colors and meanings along with reference verses:
Free-printable link for blog subscribers listed under the following picture.

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Friday, March 7, 2014

No Bunny Subway Art: Free Printable

I couldn't wait until Monday to debut my new NoBunny Subway Art. I am just so excited to share it with you!  I wanted to be able to make my display nice and colorful this year, so I decided to make this print modeled after my "Nobunny Peeps" idea.  I think it really makes my mantel pop.  It's nice and colorful and still serves as a great reminder of what the Easter holiday is truly about.
The printable is sized 16x20, but it should print as an 8x10 just fine as well.  Please refer to the "How to Print" tab on the navigation bar if you need help downloading and printing. Free-printable links for blog subscribers are under each picture.  

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Monday, March 3, 2014

Lucky Links: Free Printable

Here is what my son will be taking his infant class at daycare- Lucky Links!  Links are so cheap and you normally get a ton in one package.  This makes for an inexpensive gift solution for a not so easy age group.

I just put some different links together and bagged them up in a quart-size ziploc bag.  I rolled the bag down quite a bit so the links wouldn't shift so much. Next, I printed out my card and attached it to some card stock to make a fold-over card.  Once your card is assembled, just fold over your bag and staple at both bottom corners.

Are these links really lucky? Who knows? But you are, since you've found a super-cute gift idea for a super-low price.  And of course, we must not forget that people are going to think you are just the coolest parent ever!!!
Download link for blog subscribers here.

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