Good For Baby Wipes

Like many women, I too, am addicted to Pinterest. During one of my recent perusings, I came across this recipe for Home-Made Baby Wipes from White House, Black Shutters.

Baby Wipes Recipe from White House, Black Shutters

Her blog has step-by-step instructions to make your own baby wipes. Which was awesome news to me because my kiddo has such sensitive skin that we have to buy THESE wipes to wipe her face or her cheeks will turn bright red.
These wipes are great, but know something not so great about them? The price. For the 70 wipes in this package, I will pay nearly 5 dollars. So, I was ever so thankful I came across this recipe. I was easily able to pick up the ingredients at my local Walmart.
I made the wipes and so far, so good. No breakouts, or red cheeks. On her blog, some people did note some problems with mold. So hopefully, we will use these up before any of that happens. I also just made one batch, so I don't have to worry about them keeping for too long.

After I made my wipes, I was sure they needed a pretty label. So here is my little take on these wipes that I made that are good for baby and easy on the wallet. I coated the front with tape to laminate it and keep it safe from moisture. I also ran it through my Xyron machine to make it into a sticker (although just taping it to your container will work just fine).

And Tada! Here are my Good 4 Baby Wipes! I put some cute ribbons on top too!

P.S. - If it does mold at least I will have a cute container to put my 5 dollar wipes in! LOL! Here is the link to the free printable:


  1. I do not know if anyone else has said but I did the baby wipe recipe with boiled and cooled water.. supposedly it will not mold, that is what I was told. I just made them so we will see.


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