Happy Anniversary!

So, tomorrow is my 5th wedding anniversary. Yes, on Friday the 13th! I am not much of one for superstition, but I must admit that I do hate that it falls on that certain day of the week. Of course, we knew it would definitely find it's way there someday. We must have been crazy getting married on the 13th anyway. Truth is, it was one of the few days that the church was available, and still here we are.

This year we don't have any special plans for our anniversary...that I know of at least. But, one thing I have planned is to complete this cool little questionnaire that I came up with. My only wish is that I had started this back on our first one. Oh, well!

I figure we could fill one out upon each anniversary and then come up with our goals for the next year. Each year we can look back and reflect on if those goals have been accomplished and what we would like to improve. Even cooler still you can compile them in a book or even frame them.

I have made the FREE-PRINTABLE available in both .jpg and .pub form (Just in case you wanted to add your own little diddy!)

Anniversary Questionnaire Printable Publisher
Anniversary Questionnaire Printable JPG


  1. As I search for gifts/ideas for my first anniversary, I stumbled across this.. This is a WONDERFUL idea and I truly THANK YOU for sharing!


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