Heart- Shaped Oreo Truffles

I absolutely love making Oreo Truffles! Actually, I don't really enjoy making them, but I LOVE eating them. For Valentine's Day I wanted to do a little something different with these truffles. I gave them a pretty pink color and a heart shape!

The recipe is just like the regular except with food coloring and a cookie cutter; but I will go ahead and post it for those that might not know:

1 Package of Oreos
1 Package of Cream Cheese
1 Package of Almond Bark
Red Food Coloring
Small Heart Shape Cookie Cutter

I went about making them by putting the oreos in the food processor bit by bit. Then adding the cream cheese and mixing until it's that perfect gooey consistency.

I then took some of the mixture out and flattened it and cut my shapes. I had to cut my shape close to the edge and drag it out for it to work. Then once I had the shape, I flattened them with my thumb to pack the crumbs in more tightly.

I prepared my almond bark in the microwave according to directions and by checking on it religiously to make sure it didn't burn. Just make sure to stir it a bit.  I then set aside some of it to garnish with later.  I used about 5 drops of red coloring to make the pink and then went ahead and dipped them.  I actually made several rolled truffles and dipped them first, since I was sure they had a better success rate. I then dipped the hearts and took some extra caution with them.

When I was done with them, I took the extra almond bark that I set aside and applied my garnish by swinging the fork back and forth (Which I did quite a bit as it covered a multitude of imperfections!)

Once completed, put them in the fridge to cool and there you have it!