"Best Buy" Box of Chocolates for My Computer Geek!

My hubby isn't hard to shop for, he usually will tell me exactly what he wants. The problem is that I get confused. How many gigabytes? How much RAM was it supposed to have? Did I buy it for the right operating system? Is it compatible? This is where the problem lies. So, I must admit that my "Go-to Gift" is normally a Best Buy Gift Card. 

This year I decided to make something a little cuter. I bought a box of chocolates and dressed it up.  It wasn't hard at all. So, if you are interested, listen up!
 For the collar, I got a piece of white copy paper and measured two inches and then four inches from the top and marked them.
 I then drew a line in pencil at the four inch mark.
 I then cut that line on both sides a few inches, but not all the way through.
 I then folded at the two inch mark.
 This is what it should look like so far....
 and then I folded the sides in to look like a collar and set aside.
 Next take the FREE-PRINTABLE and cut out all the elements.  The pocket should be folded to look like this on the back...
... and like this on the front.
 Okay, now back to the collar.  Put the collar underneath the printable so that the paper is flush and the collar sticks out at the appropriate level.  You will need to trim your paper to cater to your object so that the text will be centered and fit correctly.  I accidentally cut my printable too short, hence the additional orange paper on the bottom on the finished product. Oooops!
I then put all the components together. I used vertical badge holders for the card and inside the pocket is just a pen cap.  A regular pen will not fit, it is too long. The badge is just taped on.  I just put the tie on under the collar and glued everything into place.  You can use the tie print-out as just a pattern and cut it out of fabric or use it alone.  I initially used felt, but it kept getting fuzzies everywhere which makes little detail-oriented me a little crazy.

And there you have it!
Oh! I almost forgot to tell you to put the gift card on the flip side of the badge. I forgot to take a pic of that, so use your imaginations!
Note to my fellow "Detail-Oriented" peeps:

I believe this design is kind of a blend of both the "Geek Squad" from Best Buy and maybe a little more of the "Nerd Herd" from Buy More on "Chuck".  I think those on the Geek Squad get a different kind of shield-type badge. I just wanted to point out that I was using a bit of creative license for those that would say that it is not accurate- and, yes, there are some people who will say it's not. I would probably have been one of them!

Another note:  I will no longer be watermarking pictures. It takes too long. It was also making me crazy that they all looked different. So, there is your explanation, for those who will actually notice! LOL!