Some Bad News....And Good News!

For those that know me, I am a super-paranoid and detail-oriented person.  Well, the other night when I was planning for our Craft Robo Contest, I started freaking out with all kinds of crazy thoughts.  I kept thinking about all the things that could possibly go wrong with a used Craft Robo, even though it works just fine. So, because I am paranoid and tend to worry about things that will most likely never happen, I have some BAD NEWS.  I am not going to be rewarding the winner of this contest with my USED Craft Robo.  Instead, (here is the GOOD NEWS)  the winner will get a BRAND NEW SILHOUETTE CAMEO! See, having a detail-oriented friend does pay off. I guess this could still be BAD news for those of you that were really hoping for a used Craft Robo.  So for those, I must apologize and beg that you will "settle" (LOL!) for a brand new Silhouette Cameo.

Keep in mind that this contest will launch when we reach our goal of 150 Facebook fans or 100 subscribers to this blog. So be sure to tell all your friends about "Detail-Oriented Diva"!


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    1. It's in the right column of the page, with the Facebook stream. It is under my blog list.

    2. I went ahead and moved it to the top of the page. It makes sense to put it where it could be easily found. Thanks for your help!


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