TV Billboard: Make Your Own Hostess Helper!

Aesthetics are important to me and I love to decorate to the nines when it comes to a party.  But, that can get pretty expensive. So, I came up with this little idea using your own TV and computer to decorate for parties and to help all you busy hostesses (and hosts, too) out. 

You could use this for so many things: announcements, banners, pictures, menus, decorations, guest instructions and the like. I don't know about you, but I am usually super-busy when it comes to hosting a party.  I am often running around like crazy trying to run the show.  My Hubby (bless his heart) cannot always be relied upon to relay all of those important instructions to party guests. I am not knocking men... but it's true.  Most men aren't into the all the details like us women are.  I am not recommending using this as a way to avoid interacting with your guests, just a little way to make your load lighter.

First, you will need to design your pages.  I use Microsoft Publisher, since most computers already have it and it is easier to use then Adobe Photoshop or other similar programs. Once you have designed all of your pages, save each page of your document as a JPEG at highest quality (give each a different name). Then, put all of those images together into a folder and name it.

You will then need to go to your computer's control panel and select "Personalization". It might be something different on yours, but you basically need to go where you would find your desktop wallpaper and screensaver.  I have a PC, so I can't really explain it to you Apple folks. Once you have selected "Personalization", then select "Screensaver".  Using the pulldown menu of screensaver options, choose "Windows Live Photo Gallery".  Next click on the button next to it that says "Settings".   This will ask you to specify where you want the pictures to come from.  Select "Use Photos and Videos From" and then specify your album. You can also specify your speed in that window.  Go back to the original screensaver window and specify the time it should wait before starting.  I clicked one minute, because I wanted it to start right away and play continuously. You may need to check your energy settings on your computer, mine was set to sleep after 5 minutes.   You will need to set it to "stay awake" the longest.  Just be sure to set it back when you are done to conserve electricity.  And there you have it...your very own little "Hostess Helper".

*You will need a VGA cable-Don't ask me what that stands for!
*Hook up one end to computer and the other to the television
*Set television on PC Output

This is just how WE set up our TV and computer.  Yours may be different, so I have also linked to a video tutorial on setting up your TV to your computer.  If none of these help, just leave a comment and I will try to get my techno-savvy husband to help you!

Here is that link:

Hope this helps make your hosting duties a little easier!

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  1. I have never heard of doing this before. Very interesting. Thanks for sharing.

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