Funprint Easter Eggs!

 So since I am so "funprint" obsessed, I thought it only fit to put them on some Easter eggs. Here's  how we did it. We first dyed the eggs with your run of the mill egg decorating kit.
When I say "we", I mean "I", as this is what the Little One did most of the time.  The Hubby was snapping away so we could have these little memories of dyeing eggs trying to grab eggs and squash them to their inner core. 
Yes. You see only 11 eggs. One poor little guy didn't make it!  Just to clarify it was totally my fault and not My Kiddo's! LOL!
I used these food coloring markers for my ink.  You can use regular food coloring too, but it's quite a hassle. You will continually be dabbing wet spots with a towel so your design doesn't run.
These pens proved much easier.  I simply painted my finger and pressed it on to the egg. Every so often, I might have had to blot excess coloring from my egg.
Here is how you get these prints: 
I will describe just the prints, not the added embellishments. It's just easier to see than to describe.

 Butterfly4 index prints in an "x" pattern, with one in the center. You can dot the antennae with index prints if you like.
Duck: 2 index fingertip prints on top of each other, slightly uneven.
Tulip: 2 index prints side by side, 2 index prints at bottom for leaves.
 Frog: 2 horizontal index prints directly on top of each other, 2 pinky tip prints on each side.
Bird: 1 index print on bottom, 1 index tip on top.
Flower: Index prints all around in shape of flower.
 Strawberry: 2 index prints side by side. 
Flower 2:  Finger prints in shape of flower  (to achieve this lighter, water color look- just run the decorator pen under water and squeeze out well).  
 Bunny: 2 horizontal index prints on top of each other, 2 vertical ones for ears.
 Easy flowers: Just use a single finger print in middle and color around it.
 Almost forgot to show you all My Kiddo's little palm leaf we made for Palm Sunday tomorrow. Okay, so it doesn't look quite like a palm leaf. Sometimes The Kiddo is just not feeling Mommy's vision. LOL!

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