Little Birdies: Funprint Art

 If you can't tell by now, I am absolutely obsessed with "funprinting".  I decided to make up a cute little canvas to display My Kiddo's funprint birdies. I came up with this little diddy and added several of the Little One's birdie creations to it.  Here is what the plain fingerprints looked like.
And here is what they looked like with their finishing touches added. 
I ended up just using two birdies so the design wouldn't look too cluttered.  I just bagged those other birdies up and put them in The Kiddo's scrapbook portfolio.  Here is the link to the design for subscribers to my blog.

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  2. Replies
    1. I just can't stop with the fingerprint art! I might need an intervention soon! LOL!

  3. What a precious idea!!! A great spring craft for children. Thank you for sharing. Visiting from Show your stuff.

  4. Just too cute. Love being able to add the sweet personal touch of a fingerprint. My son will love this! :) Many thanks


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