Yappy Doggone Birthday!

I always gift my nieces and nephews a little something for their birthdays.  It's not usually much more than a card and ten dollars, so it leaves little room for surprise. Not anymore!  I have decided to start something new by making each a personalized card and matching money origami for their birthdays.  For my first one, I have decided on a dog theme.  We are one big happy dog-loving family and my niece Emily is no exception to the rule. So, I thought it quite fitting to make this one for her. I have included different card options to include upcoming Mother's and Father's Day as well.  Links for blog subscribers are above each of the following pictures.
To make your fingerprint dog:
-Do two index prints right next to each other and then another one underneath them in the middle.
- Use two thumb prints for the ears.
-Use two intersecting thumb prints for the cheeks (?) and then one index tip print in the middle for the nose.

To make your dollar dog:
You will need to first make your bill a perfect square.
Fold the bill in half horizontally.
Then fold over to form a triangle.
 Fold the leftover and crease it.
 Fold those leftover pieces in on each side to form a perfect square. I left the leftover out in this picture so you can see what I mean.
 Now on to the actual dog's head. Fold the square into a triangle like this.
 Fold one dog ear over...
 and then the next.
 Fold the bottom part up to look like this....
 then turnover and fold the back side in so that it is even.
 Turn back to the front and you can pin the triangle down one more time or just leave it with the first one.
The head should look something like this.
 For the body, take another bill and fold it into a triangle and crease.
 Unfold it.
 Then fold the tip up to form a triangle with the crease in the middle.
Next, fold the body back up into a triangle again.
 This is what your body should look like.
 Here is the finished dog.  Just add eyes, nose, and mouth with a pencil.
And there you have it. Happy Birthday Emily!
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  1. Really cute blog.. I'm a new follower from Blog Lovin...


  2. First off, that is the cutest card and gift ever! I'm following with bloglovin. Thanks so much for joining in the hop. I miss seeing your adorable projects at Whimsy Wednesdays. If you ever get a chance stop over and share. You have the cutest ideas!

    1. Thanks Jenny! Sorry, I have just been all over the place these days. I will try to link something up tonight.

  3. Natalie,

    What a totally cute card and gift. I love the Origami dog. Thanks again for linking up to Creative Thursday.

    Have a great week.


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