10 Things I Love About Dad

Here's a cute Father's Day gift idea for you all (although I already gave it to My Hubby as a "just because" gift).  I really wanted to use this idea for Mother's Day, but My Hubby was very adamant about Dr. Pepper 10 being a man's drink.  In all fairness to him, that is how they market it.
I decided to amp this idea up a little more with a cute card and matchbook of love notes to Dad.  Since My Kiddo can't write or really express much of what she feels beyond a two word sentence, I took the liberty of writing what I thought she might want to say. I also bought some of his favorite candies and wrapped them up in scrapbook paper and embellished them with washi tape.

Yummy Sour Patch Kids and Mike and Ikes
Here is the matchbook cover.
Here is the inside of the matchbook with the love notes inside.  I started off with #10 for a true countdown feeling.
 Here's how you make your matchbook.  Download the printable and print it out.  There are two on a card, just in case you make a mistake.  I am going to go ahead and apologize now for all the little flakes in these pictures.  My paper kept shredding all over the place.
 Cut out the card and turn it facing down.
 Fold the card over and crease at the top where the maroon color begins.
 Next fold and crease again about half an inch over like this.
 Then take the bottom of the matchbook and fold in small increments, once...
 ...and then a third time.
 Then staple the bottom part down.  Be careful not to staple the top into it as well.
 Insert your cut out love notes and you are done. Also, the card is just the 5x7 printable pasted onto card stock and folded into a card. 
 Printable links for subscribers are above each of the following pictures.
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  1. great idea! thanks for sharing your talents with those of us that are creatively challenged

  2. This is just so cute. I love how the printable comes with the countdown. Thanks so much for sharing at Whimsy Wednesdays!


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