Easier Large Accordion Fans

I love accordion fans... they are just so pretty! Sometimes, I just get confused how to make them with all the different tutorials out there.  Today, I am going to show you what worked for me.  I adapted this recipe from Martha.

 To Make a Large Accordion Fan
I started off with four 8.5 by 11 pieces of scrapbook paper.
 I accordion folded them horizontally.
 I then lined them all up together...
 ...and tied them tightly together in the middle.  It should look like a bowtie. If you are planning to hang the fan by the string, obviously you will need to make the string long enough.  I was not planning on hanging mine that way, because it makes me crazy when they spin and never face forward.
 Once your pieces are tied together, fan them out to form your circle.  You will need to attach each side together with double-sided tape.
 For my added star embellishment, I just traced these stars...
...and cut out some circles.  I then glued the star onto the circle and taped then onto the fan.
I hung the fan with a clothespin.  Here is the fan before the embellishment. I will explain the red, smaller ones next time.
With the star embellishment! 
Hope everyone is staying cool out there! We are going on week three without A/C upstairs.  I know I should just be thankful we have air conditioning downstairs, but I am about to lose it.  The Little One is now sleeping in the kitchen, and the rest of us walk on eggshells not to wake her.  Hopefully, the part needed to fix the A/C will arrive tomorrow or my head might just start spinning violently. Okay! I'm done whining now.

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  1. So sorry about your AC! Hope things are better now! I always love your tutorials. I so want to make some of these. Would you be willing to link this post up to my Red, White, Blue & You Holiday Link Party? You know I would LOVE to have you! Thanks, Michelle

    1. You know I will Michelle! LOL! I will try to do it tonight.

    2. Thanks so much for linking up, Natalie! I appreciate it!

  2. I appreciate your creativity....I never would have thought to do these circle fans this way and to add the extra embellishments....BRilliANT!!!

  3. A/C is out in our van and we recently got our home unit fixed. Feel for you! =( I've never seen a tutorial for this before. I love this idea! I just bought accordion hangers for decorations for my boy's 1st bday party tomorrow...Wish I had seen this before then! :)

    1. Isn't that how it always goes! Glad you like it!


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