Quick Candlestick Redo

I am deep in the process of redecorating my mantel for the upcoming Memorial and Independence Day holidays.  I gave these old candlesticks (one pictured below) a fresh coat of red spray paint. 
 I then re-wrapped those same pillar candles in some red polka dot scrapbook paper and sealed them with Modpodge.
And there you have a very simple, yet powerful red candlestick with pillar.  I can't to show you the rest!
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  1. Hi Natalie,

    Love the update to the candlesticks! Can you share the name of the paint you used. I'm looking to redo some patio chairs and having a hard time finding the color in my head. This might be it.


    1. Sure! It's Rustoleum Gloss Protective Enamel in Sunrise Red. Hope that helps!

  2. Yes! Thanks so much. You have a great site. I'll definitely be back.


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