Door Prize Party Printable + Jazzed Up Clipboard

I love to do door prizes when I have a party, so I thought I would come up with an easier way to do them.  Instead of cutting up strips of paper and drawing one from a basket, I thought we would just choose a number.  This way it could double as a guest list for the party as well.  Of course, I wanted to make a pretty display of it, so I dressed up a plain clipboard.

 I have wanted to make a super-cute clipboard forever, but never had a reason to.  I also always got stumped on how to cover around the clip part - until I saw how the Crafting Chicks' Brooke spray painted hers.  I then decided to give it a try.

Since the colors of my party are fuschia and orange, I decided to spray paint it orange. 
 I made sure to cover the clip part with some painter's tape so it didn't get painted too.  It took several coats to get decent coverage.
This is what my clipboard looked like after I painted it.
I then decided to dress it up with some coordinating scrapbook paper and ribbons.  I applied them all with Mod Podge. I think it looks super-festive, don't you?
 Door Prize Printable Links above the following pictures for blog subscribers.  I am willing to do three other color combos of this design. Just leave a comment or message me.

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