You Arrgh My Treasure Dad!

 If you are my hubby, read no further.  Everyone else - here is a cute little Father's Day idea.  My hubby is very much into all things pirates, so I came up with a way to incorporate his favorite candies in a little treasure chest.  I found this treasure chest at Hobby Lobby for under five dollars.
My first order of business was to paint that ugly gold clasp. After that, I jazzed it up with this scrapbook paper.  I also wrapped some of the candies up in it as well.
 I had The Kiddo make me some thumbprints...
 so I could turn them into a little pirate the "Ed Emberley" way.
 Here is the card I designed.  You will need to mount yours on to cardstock or scrapbook paper.
 Here is the treasure chest...
 and the candy!
Here are the free-printables for blog subscribers.

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  1. So cute and clever. I love it! Perfect for a pirate-loving dad!

  2. I love this pirate chest, so cute! Thanks for linking up.
    Marcie @


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