Easy Poms

I have gotten started on some more party decor.  I always make tissue paper poms because they are so pretty and can cheaply fill up a big space.  I have seen several different tutorials on how to make them, but I prefer to just use a whole package to make one big one and half a package for a smaller one.

I started off with my tissue paper and some floral wire.
 I then unfolded the paper and accordion folded it.
 Once that is done, I tied it up with some floral wire in the middle.  It's okay if it is not quite in the center, because I trim the edges off anyways.
 I chose to cut the tips to a point .
 I then gently unfolded each layer.  When I unfold mine, I work mine from both sides to keep it balanced.  
 I prefer smaller poms to the big ones, but these bigger ones will fill the space quite nicely. To make the smaller poms just cut the sheets in half (a whole pack) and accordion fold.  To hang the poms, just attach some monofilament (fishing line)  to the the wire in the middle. 


  1. Those are so cute! I'll have to give some a try this upcoming fall birthday season in my house!


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