YGG Funprints

Of course, I had to make some "YGG" funprints! Would you expect anything less? For Plex, I chose to print around the eyes so I wouldn't have to paint the white of the eyes on.  I did a row of three index prints horizontally, two vertical indexes on each sides and the another row of three horizontal indexes.  Then just embellish it around the eyes with a black rectangle.  I also did a pinky tip print in red for his center antenna. I also embellished the side with antennae.
 I thought Muno would be a super easy funprint to do - and I was right!  Just do two thumb prints for the legs, two thumbprints on top of each other for the head and body, and two index tip prints for the arms.  Just add eye and mouth and you are done.  I just used white-out for my eye and colored in black marker over it. 
Have fun!
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