YGG Party Poms

I am sorry for all those who might be getting real tired of all the YGG stuff, but I have so much still left to create.  This is my latest offering, inspired by some poms I came across on Etsy from The Shower Planner.  She brings some of the cutest characters to life in pom form.  Her Sesame Street characters are super-cute as well.  Since I have plenty of time before My Kiddo's party, I thought I would take a chance at making them.  They aren't as cute as hers were, but I think mine will do.  I can't wait to finish the rest! I still have Foofa, Toodee, and D.J. Lance to go. 

To do these poms you just start with making any old ordinary pom.  You can see my tutorial on pom making here. Then just add the faces.  I won't go into describing the faces because you can see how easy they are with your own eyes.