From The Greasiest (Greatest) Person You Know!

     A good friend of mine is moving far away (sad face), and I just had to share this little farewell gift that I made for her.  Of course, it's an inside joke that I am so going to let you in on.  I designed this cute little Crisco graphic for this gift bag, because my friend and I always joke about how I am always the "greatest".  I mean, the  "greasiest".   I can't remember exactly what the occasion was, but she once gave me a card with a very endearing message about how I was "one of the greatest people" she knew.  Except, you know when you have been writing in cursive for several hours and all of your loops and swirls run together?  When perhaps you get a little too happy and write little extras in?  When I read her card, I totally thought it said 
"greasiest" instead of "greatest". LOL! I know right?

      Perhaps the biggest part of the humor is that I really am.  I probably am the GREASIEST person she knows.  I have super oily skin and always get those back-handed compliments about how my face is so oily, quickly followed by the last minute save of  "you are so lucky though, you will probably never get wrinkles".  I gifted her some glassware to always remind her of her time in "Tuck-a-see".  I also threw in some actual Crisco as well for added effect.
I didn't make this available as a free-printable, as I figured this was a very esoteric gift.  If for some strange reason you would like this graphic though, just email me and I will get it to you.  Just be prepared to tell me your crazy reason why!

   In other news, the YGG Goody Bags are done!