Shimmery Shoe Save

I recently picked up this pair of shoes at The Children's Place for The Kiddo.  I thought they were so cute and would go with a bunch of her Fall outfits.  I bought them on Thursday night and had her wearing them to school the next morning.  When I picked her up that afternoon, I was saddened to see that they now looked like this.  She had scuffed them up all over the playground and the dye from the absorbent foam mulch had stained them as well.  
I am not one of those parents to complain about My Kiddo getting dirty or ruining something. For the record: I never complain about My Kiddo being dirty or staining her clothes.  I want her to be a kid and enjoy herself.  I also know how it feels to be a teacher in a class with a demanding parent.  Sometimes, parents are just downright unrealistic in their expectations (and mean).  But, a little part of me was just bummed, so I was determined to fix these shoes somehow.

I started off with scrubbing them, which didn't work at all. I then got to thinking about if they even made a special shoe polish for these kind of shoes.  I quickly nixed that idea though, since I was afraid that something like that would end up costing more than the shoes themselves.
Then it came to me: (LIGHTBULB) Nail Polish! I knew I could score some nail polish for under a few dollars and I found some at Walmart.  It's called "Beeware" from Pure Ice.  It worked perfectly. I applied about three coats (in little dabs, not strokes) and covered up those stains.  I would recommend letting the shoes air out before putting them on your kiddo, as nail polish vapors can give you a huge headache.
 Good as new! Yay nail polish!
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  1. Great save. I like how the polish looks. I have a daughter who enjoyed weaing Sunday best dresses to preschool and I had to let the teachers know that it was okay if they got dirty

    1. Thanks! I fear that I am the one to blame for dressing My Kiddo in her Sunday best dresses though. I just can't help it. LOL!


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