DIY Retro Kid's Kitchenware: {CatherineHolm Style}

I recently purchased a retro play kitchen for My Little One.  It was an early birthday present (I stink at waiting).  My plan was to purchase this kitchen and then suggest family members provide the play food and kitchenware as birthday party gifts, if they didn't have something already in mind.  I figured that those would make some easy gift ideas.  However, since her birthday party is still a month away, I figured I would need to purchase a few cheap pots and pans to hold us over.  Since it's a "retro" kitchen, I really wanted some "retro" pots and pans.  I am in absolute love with the CatherineHolm style enamelware of the 50's and 60's and decided I wanted My Kiddo's kitchen to have some. 
Image from Salvage Sisters

Of course, even if I was lucky enough to come across some, I would never invest (or be able to invest) that type of money for a kid's play kitchen.  After searching online for other kid's "retro" kitchenware options, I decided I would just make my own.  I purchased red pots and pans since her kitchen is red.  I found this set at Toys R Us for under twenty dollars.  
I then designed myself a template for use on my vinyl cutter.  I decided against using actual adhesive vinyl, since I have yet to find an adhesive vinyl that does not contain PVC.  And since, most kids put their play kitchenware in their mouth, I knew I wanted a safer option for My Kiddo.  I then remembered that I still had some polyester sticker labels that I used to use in my laser printer. I felt much better about using those instead.

  If you would like this template that I designed, you can download it here.  I just ask that you please considering subscribing to this blog before downloading.  I would not recommend using this unless you have a vinyl cutter.  It would just be way too tedious to cut these out by hand and then have to apply them as well.  It tried to use some application tape, but had issues with getting it to pick up all the stickers at once and keep them in line.  I had to apply each sticker the old fashioned way-one by one.  Needless to say, there are many flaws! But, that is what gives it character right?

 Here is how the other pot came out...
 and the saute' pan!
I am so in love with them!

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