Fall Porch Display

Just wanted to share my porch display with you all today.  I was able to purchase these mums and all three pumpkins for under 20 dollars at Wal-Mart.  I thought the mums were quite the steal, since they were just under seven bucks and are a pretty good size.  I decided to just throw the mums and a pumpkin in My Kiddo's old wagon and set it on the porch.  Sorry that the picture is not the greatest.  Sometimes, I feel like such a weirdo when it comes to taking pictures for my blog.  I don't know my neighbors really well and they don't know that I am a blogger either.  So, I am pretty sure that they either think that I am (A) pretty full of myself, (B) crazy, or (C) performing surveillance for the FBI.  It doesn't help that I snap most of my blog photos in the dining room in front of the window.  The steady stream of flashes must put them on edge. LOL! Only if they are criminals, I guess!  Pretty soon these pumpkins will be all dressed up for Halloween!

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