"No Bones About It" Class Candy Printable

    I have wanted to make a printable for these "bones" ever since I first pinned them on Pinterest.  The recipe for them can be found at Family Fun.  They are simple to make, but I did have one little problem: the white chocolate.  My biggest advice would be to only heat up a few pieces at a time for the least amount of time and stir and mash until it all liquefies.  My first batch of bones were very hard to dip, because I kept losing the bones in the chocolate and the marshmallows kept falling off.  After I started again with new chocolate that had only been heated about a 75 seconds, it worked great.  Basically, just follow the instructions on the bag of white chocolate (almond bark) and you should be okay.

   I initially had wanted to incorporate this funprint skull and cross bones on the front, but couldn't make it fit and look right.  I then just decided to add it onto the back. To achieve this funprint, you will need one horizontal thumbprint on top of a vertical thumbprint.  For the crossbones, I used my entire pinky finger and then dotted them on the ends with index fingertip prints.  I them embellished them with a black marker.
    Here is a close-up of the front of the printable. It is meant to be a foldover card.  Just fill your sandwich bag and staple over the edges.
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