Our BOO-tiful Family

     I have been wanting to do one of these footprint ghost signs ever since I first found one via Pinterest from The Right Thing on Etsy.  I decided to include all of our furry family members as well.  I originally planned to fit all of us on the same canvas, but who knew our feet would be so BIG!  I wanted to add a little more personality to our ghosts as well, so I made to sure to put a hat on my husband, glasses and a bow on myself, and a hair bow for our Little One.  She never leaves home without one.  I attached the smaller square canvases by ribbon with a staple gun.
   To do this project, I bought my canvases from Hobby Lobby and painted them black with acrylic paint.  I then painted our feet with white acrylic paint and printed them on the canvases.  After they were dry, I just embellished them.  The googly eyes are super-special because they glow-in-the-dark.  I thought about doing all the feet with glow-in-the-dark paint, but thought that might get expensive considering all of the area we hard to cover.

   I am pretty sure that my dogs will be hiding the next time they see me pull out the paint brush.  I think my smallest dog's print looks kinda like a storm trooper. I am not so sure what the other dog's looks like.  Maybe an old-school McDonald's fry guy.

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  1. This a Boo-t-ful bunch...this so darn cute!!

  2. We did this last year as a scrapbook page, but I love the addition of the pets paws as well as googly eyes and embellishments. So cute!


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