Paper Pumpkins

  I was inspired to make some "filler" Halloween decor by these little paper pumpkins I found online here.  I didn't want to spend any more money on Halloween decor, so I just used some scrapbook paper that I had already been using and that matched my decor.  Here is the pattern that I used:
   I then cut my 12x12 paper in half.
   After that I cut it into even strips width-wise. I can't remember exactly how many I used, but the more strips you have, the fuller your pumpkin will be.
   Next, I used two brads on both ends to join all the strips together.
   Once that is done, just fan it out and shape it into a globe-shaped pumpkin.  I then tied some ribbon around the top brad to serve as the stem.  I also left some of mine plain.
Super-quick and super-easy for a filler decoration!

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