Pumpkins Are DONE!

We carved our pumpkins last night and this is how they turned out.  My Kiddo thinks I am the absolute coolest since I carved her a "Mouse" pumpkin.  I messed up the mouth a bit, but I still think that it looks like Mickey Mouse anyway.  I recruited my hubby to use the drill and make one of those "holey" (can't think of a better word) pumpkins that I have been seeing on Pinterest.  I was so impressed when he decided to add this little monogram K for us.
We did all of the carving and most of the cleaning.  We let The Kiddo clean the guts out of one of the small pumpkins and she obviously was having some texture issues.  She's not a big fan of getting her hands dirty.  We let her clean the typical jack-o-lantern one here.
Here is the "holey" one at dark, which we had to take the lid off of to give it enough air to let the candle burn brightly...
...and of course, "Mouse" at night!