Thanksgiving Handwashing Printable

It took me a bit longer to come up with a clever rhyme for this handwashing printable.   The more I of these I do, the harder it gets.  I designed it with the same color scheme as the rest of my Thanksgiving printables for a cohesive look.  The free-printable offers a 5x7 for framing and then 3 other smaller sizes to use as a labels on a bottle of soap or sanitizer.  You could use them for gift tags as well.  Hope you enjoy!
Free-printable link for blog subscribers here.  Personal-use only, please.

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  1. This is FANTASTIC! Thank you for sharing! I work at a University, so I always keep a bottle of hand sanitizer on my desk - I will be putting one of these labels on it, I can't wait! Thank you!!

  2. Can you please email this printable to me? We are doing a huge hand washing campaign and this would be great for giveaways at work. I work in a nursing home and we are right in the beginning of flu season.

    Sherry Thornsberry

  3. I tried to follow you , i really love this. I am a school nurse and i like to give the teachers and those who work at the school a gift like these santizing bottles at least once a month , I would love this printable cannot figure how to get it. How small of hand sanitizers can you put these on. I just ran into your site and i Love it. Thank you


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