Christmas Subway Art + My Christmas Dilemma

The Joy of Christmas is in full swing in my house! I know that Thanksgiving isn't here yet, but I consider Thanksgiving to be a part of Christmas.  I am so excited that my mother is coming to town and so is the Little One!  Decorations are going up and I am looking forward to the Christmas season with such anticipation. However, I must admit that my heart has been troubled.

I have really been struggling with the whole Santa issue in my home.  Growing up we did it and I never thought twice about doing it with my own child until now.  Last year, The Kiddo was just an infant and so we did Santa even though we knew she had no clue what was going on.  However, this year my heart has truly been aching.  I want my child to know that Christmas is a celebration about Jesus' Birth.  It's about giving and not getting.  I have tried every which way to include Santa, but I just can't seem to make him fit.  It wouldn't be so hard if we didn't seem to give Santa such god-like qualities.  I just don't want my child to get confused.  Growing up that is all I really thought Christmas was anyways.  A virtual vomit of everything I had ever wanted in one day.

I am planning on teaching about St. Nicholas, but I still don't know what to do with our view of Santa.  Obviously, St. Nicholas didn't deliver toys to all the children in the world in one night.   He didn't fly on his sleigh with his magical reindeer.  And of course, there is the peer aspect as well.  I don't want My Kiddo to be the one spoiling it for all the other children in her class as she gets older; but I don't want to teach her something that takes her focus off of Jesus.  I really just don't know what to do.

I would truly appreciate your sincere comments on this issue.  Please no judgemental criticism.  Just possible solutions for a Christ-follower trying to make the most of what she has been given.

In preparation for this most beautiful occasion of the Birth of Our Lord, I present to you my Christmas Subway Art.  Giving tribute to that beautiful song "O Holy Night".  Free-Printable links for blog subscribers are under each image.  Original size is 16x20, but they should print out just fine as an 8x10.  I will not be able to do any special sizing due to my schedule. Sorry! Personal-use only,please.

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  1. I really think you could do both. I've been able to merge them over the years with my son and he still gets the magic of Santa but knows that Christmas is about celebrating Christ's birth. A couple of ideas: Have Santa bring presents but have him bring three gifts like the wise men. Emphasize this. Bake a cake on Christmas Day and sing Happy Birthday to Jesus. To emphasize giving, have your child pick out a child from an angel tree around her age to purchase gifts for.

    1. Thanks Coley! Those are things that I had planned to do. I am planning a birthday party for Jesus with several cool printables. I think I will just make Santa as minimal as possible.

  2. Hey girl! I don't really know if this answers all of your questions, but here is a post I did last year about Santa... I think you are a great mom for even thinking about these issues - I believe God gets a lot of glory when we purposely set our hearts to making every day/every season all about Him. :-)

    1. Oh my goodness! Your blog post totally helped me! I have been really struggling with this and it really helped me to see exactly what "to do" with Santa this year. Thanks so much!


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