Jesus' Birthday Countdown Printable

I am on a mission this year to make the celebration of Christ so big at Christmas that The Kiddo will look forward to Christ's Birthday Celebration more than anything else this holiday.  More than presents, more than Santa.  I am going to keep Santa (our modern view) very minimal, but not totally ignore him.   I am going to really emphasize the role of St. Nicholas and the joy that is experienced when one truly gives.  I know my child is still very young, but I think it is so important to lay the foundation now.  I have been working on a lot of printables to help accomplish this mission.  Here is one of them.

It's a birthday countdown for Jesus.  It's to be used in whatever way you see fit, but I figured you could glue tiny poms or confetti onto the numbers as each day passes.  Days 5-2 are candles. Day 1 you can add the birthday hat.  Just download the free-printable, piece together some paper (it won't fit on just one piece of paper), cut out your pieces, and HAVE FUN!   Just a tip: Don't glue your cupcake all the way down.  Leave it unglued around the top so you can slide the candles in when it comes time.  Printable-links for blog subscribers are under each picture.  Personal-use only please!

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  1. How adorable! Thanks for sharing such a terrific "reason for the season count" down. It's pinned and ready to copy! I'll be back, and thanks for finding me so I can follow you. Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. I'm thrilled to find blog posts promoting Jesus' birthday with children for Christmas! You might like my Bible storybook: The First Christmas.


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