Nativity Canvas and Blocks

I have been wanting to do some more nativity decor around my house for quite some time now. I finally retired my old nativity scene and decided for something more practical and unbreakable. I originally got this idea from Ginger Snap Crafts. I didn't do nearly as much on my blocks as she did hers, but it just all depends on the kind of finish you are looking for. I do enjoy the "distressed" look, but am just plain lazy. I kept this project simple because of that. The canvas was originally supposed to be a part of the entire scene, but I opted to keep it separate since it looked so great as the centerpiece of my mantel. The rest of the nativity blocks just tended to get lost.
I started off with just a white canvas from Hobby Lobby and some wooden pine blocks which I purchased on Etsy from LollinpopShop.  Yes, I totally bought my blocks instead of cutting them (we own very few power tools and have little need of them). But, if your handy with a saw or have a hubby that is, just make your own.  I painted my canvas and blocks with red acrylic paint.  I used about three coats and let them dry.

I then cut my images from white adhesive vinyl with my vinyl cutter.  You don't have to have one for this project, but cutting these images out by hand could get pretty tedious.  I was able to use many of the dingbats from the SL Christmas Silhouettes Font. It's a free font!  However, I must confess that I googled an image for my main centerpiece, instead of the one on the font.  I just wasn't that fond of it.  Once I cut all my images out, I just peeled them (very carefully) and applied them slowly to the canvas and blocks.  I made sure to push any air bubbles out and then I was done!  I had originally planned to do more than three blocks, but I figure I might just make it a practice to add a few more each year.

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  1. I. LOVE. THIS. I still have my old Nativity but don't pull it out anymore because our boys are just too little. But, it feels like the home is missing something w/out it!! I LOVE this idea! It still satisfies my need to recognize the meaning of the Holiday while keeping me from getting onto my boys for touching something I don't want to lose! THANKS!

  2. I love this! Thank you for answering all my questions! Filing away this idea for next year!

  3. additional question- Been considering a Cricuit or Silhouette. Tried to get infor online but most places are just selling and not offering a lot of info on what they can do or how they compare. Do you have any thoughts or tips? Thanks

    1. I own a Craft Robo which is very similar to a Silhouette. I would definitely recommend a silhouette type cutter opposed to a Cricut. A Silhouette can cut any image or font you find online. I think a Cricut can only cut the cartridges that you purchase (which are not cheap). Silhouettes cost more than the Cricut initially, but all those cartridges quickly add up. But, as a said, I don't own a Silhouette either, so I am not sure exactly how it works either. Hope that helps.


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