The Berry Covered Monogram

I have seen the berry covered monogram idea all over Pinterest and I thought I would finally give it a try. I must admit that this was not a favorite project of mine. I don't suggest doing this project unless you are a glutton for punishment. Although it wasn't very difficult, it was somewhat time consuming and even a little painful. Consider yourself warned!

To begin this project, I bought some winter berry floral decor from Hobby Lobby. I ended up only needing 1 and a half of these little thingies.
I bought my MDF letter from Hobby Lobby as well.
This project was nice and fun up until that point. The un-fun part is cutting every single one of those little berries off the wire and then gluing them onto the letter with a hot glue gun. My hands became so raw and sensitive they ached just to touch anything. Maybe my case is just unique, but this was a painful process for me. Maybe I am just a wimp. Actually, I am quite sure that is what it is- I AM a wimp! Once you have glued all of your berries on, attach a ribbon for hanging.