The Kiddo's First Gingerbread House!

I am super-excited to share My Little One's very first gingerbread house! She had plenty of help from mommy, of course!  We had such a great time decorating this little house that we got from Target.  The kit was less than 10 dollars and it was so worth it.  It's pictured below.
I am not one for baking gingerbread, as I feel it is such a temperamental cookie. One year, my sister and I decided to do all gingerbread ornaments for our tree.  We made over 60 and only 7 made it to the tree.  The rest lay in shambles on the kitchen table.  

The Kiddo loved decorating the house, but more so eating the candy.  She kept saying "Mommy me do it", when she wanted to put a piece of candy on the house.  And then she would eat it! How I love that little girl!

Here is a view of the roof.....
 ....and the side.
 We finished it off by adding our gingerbread family that we decorated at Opryland Hotel a few weeks ago.  I love it and the dogs do too! They keep trying to attack it while we aren't watching.


  1. I love these Gingerbread House kits,I looked at some in Fred's,I think I'll go back and get it,this looks so sweeeeet.


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