I've Got Some "Splaining" To Do

So, I feel that I have some explaining to do when it comes to this blog.  After Christmas last year, I decided I would take a blogging break, since I felt it was taking away too much time from my family.   It took me a couple of weeks to realize just how much I missed it.  It was too hard for me to just leave behind something that I had put so much of my time and energy into.  I then decided that I would just blog once a week, but that quickly turned into two-three times a week.  Although, the posts are becoming more frequent, not a whole lot has changed.  I am still only going to blog on things that I actually use in my life, except for a few sponsored posts here and there.  With Easter coming up, I have quite a few projects in the works.  So I will be posting quite frequently in the next month.  I am especially excited about My Kiddo's Christ-Centered Easter Basket for this year.

So you saw that I mentioned the dreaded "sponsored post".  Please rest assured that I won't become some manufactured post factory.  But, like most people, I enjoy being rewarded for my hard work and love to get free stuff.  Don't you?  I'm sure you do, since you follow this blog with my tons of  free-printables.  I just want to make the best use of my resources and sponsored posts are one way to generate some income.  Which, I must admit would really come in handy with the extra expenses of everything post-adoption.

...And that's about it for now. So glad we could have this little "chat".  I desire to always be honest with my readers and I hope that you will continue to follow along with me.


  1. I LOVE your site and I am so glad that you are willing to share your ideas and printables!! I am also a Christian mom to 4 kids that works outside the home full-time and I am a pastor's wife. I love that your blog is FULL of faith inspired gifts!! They have been such a blessing to me!! THANK-YOU!!

    1. That means ever so much to me! Thanks for following along!


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PLEASE NOTE: In an effort to spend more time with my family, I am NO LONGER taking any special requests for designs. You are welcome to use the free-printables that I have already provided via download links. God Bless!