Celebrate National Pi Day with Marie Callender's Pies

National Pi Day is coming up this Thursday, March 14th.  You get it? 3-14 as in 3.14, since those are the beautiful beginning numbers to this mystical mathematical marvel.  What are you and your family doing to celebrate?  I can't really think of any better way than by eating some P-I-E.  How appropriate that pies are circular in shape. Coincidence? I think not. Might as well calculate the circumference of your beautiful pie before it gets eaten.

Baking has never been my friend.  Sure, I enjoy cooking because I can add a little pinch here and there and not have to be all mathematical about it.  But baking is all about being precise and following a recipe exactly. Whenever I try to bake a pie, the results are so unpredictable.  I never know what I am gonna get!  That's where Marie Callender's frozen pies come in.  You always know what you are gonna get: a deliciously yummy and perfect pie! Their lemon meringue pie is by far my favorite.  What's yours?  Go here and you can review your favorite Marie Callender products.  I give my lemon meringue pie 5 stars!

For party ideas, how-to's, and more visit Marie Callender’s blog here.

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