Footprint LUCK Canvas

After being inspired to make the "LOVE"  hand and footprint canvas that was all over Pinterest for Valentine's Day, I thought I would take a shot at making one for St. Patrick's Day with the popular "LUCK" theme. I started off with a 12x12 canvas that I purchased from Hobby Lobby.  I got 40% off for using the internet coupon, which, by the way, is always available online.  Not quite sure if they want you to figure that out or not.
I used green paint and let my daughter go crazy.  When she was done, I made sure to smooth out the paint strokes and let it dry.
I then cut out the shamrock and letters "L" and  "K"  out of patterned scrapbook paper with my craft cutter machine. The font I used was Tightrope. You can find it here.  I decided to have the kiddos do the footprint part first before adding the letters,  just in case we had to do a redo or touch-up.  My three-year old was more than eager to cooperate; but my 3 month-old, not so much.  The footprint "C" is less open than I had envisioned it, but beggars can't be choosers when it comes to the interest level and cooperation of our fickle little children. And no matter what, those are the footprints of my little ones frozen at this moment in time.  You can be sure that I will be displaying this with pride every year for St. Patrick's Day!

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