Kindness Rocks! I Have A Dream

Have you heard of Kindness Rocks? They are all the rage in my community.  I must confess that the first time I saw a rock, I was convinced it was a trick or some sort of bomb ( I just can't help my doom/gloom mind sometimes).  But in all seriousness, the Kindness Rocks movement is a great way to inspire giving to others and to lift others up. You never know who will pick up a rock that you hide and what trials they are facing in their life. Your rock might be just the message someone needed to hear.

Now that we have started this, my kids and I are absolutely addicted.  My husband is not quite on board yet, but we have faith that it will be soon.  We often check our local group page on Facebook to see if any of the rocks we have decorated have been found.  For more information on the movement, click here.

My goal was to have fun and inspire, but also to share those things that are near and dear to my heart.  Quite honestly, there is such uncertainty in these times.  Ultimately, my faith rests in God our Creator, but I can't be oblivious to the hurt and suffering of those around me. With Martin Luther King's birthday approaching, I am thankful for the reminder that this dream still needs to be pursued today.  My inspiration for this rock came from the graphics on this writing activity created by Danielle Knight. I really stink at sketching, so please accept my apologies for the crazy shape of the hands.  Whether it be through rocks or uplifting words, be THAT person that seeks the dream for all people, not just those that look or think like us. That is my prayer for you!

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  1. We were on a road trip over Christmas and my daughter found a painted rock. You would have though she won the lottery! It was such a special surprise and it's inspired her to start painting and hiding rocks for others!


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