Paint Your Heart Out! Free-Printable Valentine

Valentine creating season is in full swing here at my house. We are doing a few different ones to keep all the kiddos happy. My kids get so excited every year! They just love giving gifts and notes of encouragement to their friends.

For my son's class, we decided to craft a painting valentine. I must admit, this Valentine could get pretty expensive if you are doing it for a large class. My daughter's class has over 24 students, so I was definitely coming up with something else for her class. Don't worry - I let her have her own little paint set because she absolutely LOVES to paint and draw.

This Valentine is super easy to put together yourself. I ordered my easel and canvas sets from Amazon. The canvas itself is 3 x 3, so I designed the printable to be 2.75 x 2.75. Instead of ordering individual paint sets, I decided to fill my own by ordering some empty strips. It was much cheaper and I could make sure my colors coordinated with my Valentine. I ended up giving each student three different colors of good ole acrylic paint. I just clipped them with scissors. Make sure that each paint pot is closed tightly before packaging them.

I then printed out my cards. Free printable link under the picture. Your free-printable will look a little different than mine since I created mine with a font that requires moola for using it anything other than personal use. Don't worry - It's still just as cute!

See! I told you! Just download and print. Cut them out - (I stuck mine on to the canvas with tape). You could also use a glue stick as long as you kept the packaging on the canvas. If not it might mark and clog the canvas. I then just packaged my paint, easel and canvas, and a paint brush in a clear bag. Dress it up however you want! I chose a simple bow.

Here is another cute way to package this Valentine! You can make it as simple as you want. You can just do paints and a brush and tie the card on!

Here are the links if you want to order your very own: