Wonka Kindness Rocks

The snow days are finally behind us and the kids in our town were out for a full week because of it.  I enjoyed the snow days, although we were mostly stuck in the house. I must confess that we watched a whole lot of T.V. those days. My son was introduced to Willy Wonka and the Charlie Factory and quickly became obsessed with it.  Which kind of made this mama's heart melt since it is my favorite movie of all time. I have watched it so many times that most of the script is committed to memory. If you don't believe me, you can ask my husband who was stunned to see me come running within a millisecond when the opening credits began to play.

So much magic, wonder, and excitement lies within this movie! My hope was to capture a bit of that and share it with the people of the city where I live.  The picture of a Wonka Bar is synonymous with luck and good fortune to most people, so I decided to make 5 bars that had golden tickets.  I also made another plain one, although I would still feel like a winner if I had found that one.

Here is a picture of the entire collection...

Of course, I had to make the Jesus connection! The golden ticket fit right into that one.

...As did the everlasting gobstopper!

These rock lollipops which I dressed up with a stick and wrapper actually say "God's word is sweet" with a reference to Psalm 119:103.

 I decided to throw in this other golden one after many attempts at making a golden egg/egg-dicator rock.  I thought including this quote (which is actually a Shakespearean reference) would be a great way to encourage kindness.

I hope you enjoyed these rocks. I am super excited to hide them and I truly hope that the lucky finders will post pictures of them! Happy Hunting neighbors!

Wrapper and Golden Ticket printable props came from here.

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Update: ( all pictures posted with permission from finders)

FOUND #1 rock on 1-22-18:

FOUND # 3 rock on 1-24-18 by this cutie:

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