Easter Mantel Printable

Easter is on April first this year! Insert scream HERE! It will be here before you know it.  If you are like me, realizing that there are only about two weeks between St. Patrick's Day and Easter presents quite the conundrum. Do you skip decorating for St. Patrick's Day?  Do you incorporate both?

Since, I also find great spiritual significance in the former, I am decorating for both.  We are still rocking our shamrock inspired mantel until at least the first week of March.   I recognize there are others out there that are raring to go for Easter.  I must admit that I can't blame you! So, for those "others", I present one of my Easter printables. I have a few more that I will be sharing with you in the upcoming weeks. 

I especially enjoy this design and plan to keep it up long past Easter. It's a bright, daily reminder that HE HAS RISEN and has conquered death.  Jesus is bigger than any problem that I might face!  Free - printable link for blog subscribers under image.  It's actually sized 16x20, but should print just fine as an 8x10.

Wreath Greenery Art provided by Wooly Pronto.

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