Easter is all About Jesus: In Memory of Pastor Jimmy Terry

image from WKRN.com

Our town has these signs all over the place this time of year. In fact, most of the signs stay up year round. They have a story, an idea inspired by a local pastor who just wanted to see the name of Jesus everywhere he went. You can read the story here. Fair warning, you might end up a little teary eyed. 

The signs were initially Christmas signs and branched out to include Easter. Sadly, (for us this side of Heaven) Pastor Terry passed on in 2016. But, His memory remains as evidenced in each one of these signs and now these rocks.

I admire Pastor Terry's love for Jesus.  I admire his urgency to tell others about Him at whatever cost. As a Christ-follower, I show my love for Jesus daily by loving others; but am I conveying that sense of urgency and awestruck wonder to everyone around me?

You can read more about the legacy of Jimmy Terry here:


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