Easter Basket Re-Label: Be Fishers of Men

 I came up with this next one while we were shopping at Target today.  I came across these goldfish and had a lightbulb moment. "Be Fishers of Men" is this one's title, based of Mark 1:17.
This printable is sized to fit inside a quart-size ziploc bag.  It might require some extra trimming for different sizes.  The exact dimensions are 6.25 x 7 inches.  I then just threw the goldfish inside.  
Here are the links to the free-printables for subscribers to my blog:


THIS JUST IN: I re-sized the printable for "Fishers of Men".  After sitting for a while, the oils from the goldfish bled onto the printout leaving a yucky mess.  So, here is my revision if you want it.  It's the same thing, just small enough to fit on a little cone-shaped baggie.
Link to re-sized label here.