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I had originally planned to bring you this post yesterday, but plans definitely changed.  I got an emergency phone call from My Kiddo's daycare. You know, the ones that all parents hate to get.   She had taken a bad fall and ended up knocking a tooth loose on the way in from the playground.  Of course, I was scared to death.  I rushed to pick her up and we headed to the E.R. They offered little solace and just told us to follow up with a dentist in the morning. So, this morning I called all of the pediatric dentists in this town, and they all said that they did not offer emergency services to children that were not already existing patients.  I am pretty sure that very few 18 month old children are receiving dental services, so I wonder where that leaves them in times of need.  I was an emotional mess! My husband couldn't understand why I was making such a fuss over a baby tooth and kept saying "She'll get another one".   I am thinking "in another 5 years maybe".  So, I did what any mom would do- I cried. I decided to call my own dentist and show every bit of emotion I was feeling.  They aren't a pediatric dentist, but they gave us an appointment anyway. I am truly thankful for the great people at  Richard C. Ribeiro and Alpha Dental. So, here is my plug for them. I am not getting paid for this either, but peace of mind is worth more than any monetary reward you could ever give me. That is what they have given me today.
That being said, The Kiddo's x-ray looks good and all signs point to the gum tissue stiffening back up and holding onto the tooth. Praise the Lord! 

Onto the original post! I have been trying to do an update hand sanitizer/soap label for each season or holiday.  Here is my latest offering. I think it would look great displayed at get togethers or just on your kitchen or bathroom counters.  I used to just put the poems on an attached tag, but I just think that bigger is better. Don't you? So now I frame them. The poem printable is sized 5x7.
The label for the sanitizer can easily fit on one of these 8 oz. Purell bottles. You will still need to trim it a little though.  I always leave it a little bigger to fit other bottles.
Here is the one with the label on it.
The Saying
The Label 
 Free- Printable link for blog subscribers here. Hope you enjoy!
Almost forgot to mention another praise-Our A/C is fixed! Wooo-hooo!

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  1. What a great idea for a Purell bottle! Cute!

  2. Praise God your little girl is OK. Love your festive label. Enjoy the rest of your week-end!

  3. Super cute project and what a great way to add a little decoration to something we use every day! I'd love for you to link these up on our Patriotic Link-up Party:

  4. Thanks for linking. I love printables! And what a unique idea. I totally agree with making a big sign. I think more people notice and will enjoy it.

  5. You have some of the cutest projects ever! I would love if you would share some on my linky party!
    Marcie @


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