Chalkboard Photo Ideas

Chalkboards as a photo prop are all the rage these days.  What a simple way to convey a message!  They automatically give pictures a truly personalized message.  We have been working on some super-cute chalkboard photos ourselves here at the K. Household.  They turned out super-adorable; but we definitely paid our dues to get them.  Children's photography is not an easy task.  I could never do it as a profession, as I just don't have the patience for it.  My Kiddo is quite the little model when it comes to posing, but she still makes me crazy when it comes to taking multiple shots. 

Here are some other cute ideas I have gathered from around the web:

First Day of School Photo from Adventures of Bradysitting.
Birthday Photo from JenJohnson.
Pregnancy Documentation Photo from Becoming the Barrs.
Invitation Photo from  Braggingbags on Etsy.
I am just loving all these ideas!