Foamboard Halloween Funprint Puzzle

I told you I would bring you a project to put all of those Halloween funprints to good use! Here's a cute foamboard puzzle that is easy to do. You will need an exacto knife, 2 pieces of foam board, dowel caps for pegs, scrapbook paper, funprint supplies, adhesive, paint, and embellishments if you choose.
You will start off by taking one of your pieces of foam board and applying the scrapbook paper for the top of the puzzle.  My foam board already had adhesive on it, so this step was very simple.  The only thing I had trouble with was getting the paper on just right. You don't really get more than one shot.
Here is my paper now stuck on the board.
Once that step is done, you will need to cut out your shapes.  I made a template for my shapes to help me out.  If you would like this template that I used, just message me or leave a comment.  Whatever you use, just keep in mind that you will need to make your inner shapes (pieces) smaller than the outer shapes (cut-out part).  When I originally started making this puzzle, my idea was for it to be a shape puzzle; but yours doesn't have to be.  If I did this project over, I would steer clear of the circle. That was was too hard to cut and ended up looking terribly messy.  Straight lines are your friends.  I took my outer shapes and pinned them onto the form board.
I then took my exacto knife and cut out each shape.  Make sure you are working on a proper surface so you don't cut through your table.
Next, take your inner shapes template and cut out your funprint shapes onto scrapbook paper.  When they are ready, make your funprint designs.  Link to all of my funprint designs is here.  I will not show you how to make those in this tutorial.

These are the funprints that I chose. I thought I would make the witch because her hat is shaped like a triangle, the pumpkin because it was round, and the owl on a log because I couldn't think of any other funprint that was shaped like a rectangle. As I said before,  though, you could just make all squares of different sizes and just put different funprints in them. Straight lines are easiest. If you wanted to, you could also make duplicate funprints: one for the actual piece and the other for the puzzle background as an aid. Paste your inner shapes onto the cut out piece and then glue your painted peg piece on and let dry.
Meanwhile, take the other piece of foam board and place it adhesive side up.  Adhere either some more scrapbook paper to cover the background of the cutout pieces or your second funprint piece if you wish.  Then adhere your first cutout foam board on top of the uncut one.
And there you have it.  I dressed up my puzzle with some scrapbook embellishments to make it pretty.  This however proved to be a horrible idea as they were the first things My Kiddo tried to pull off when working the puzzle. LOL!
I have a few more Halloween funprints to share with you still!

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