Christ-Centered Easter Basket: { He Knows The Hairs on Your Head }

Today I bring you this hairbow printable based on Luke 12:7.  Sorry, if it's too girly; but I have a little girl!  You could easily change it up with a comb or cool-colored hair gel for a boy.  To insert a bow, just make a cut in the center of the card and insert the bow. Printable links for blog subscribers above each of the following pictures.  Personal-use only, please.

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  1. These are so creative and too cute! :)
    (new followers)

  2. These are so perfect! Thank you for sharing such a sweet and Christ-centered way to have fun. My idea, since I have a boy and a girl, the boy will be getting a new comb for his hair on the green card, while my daughter will get a bow. Thank you for sharing this!

  3. Thank you for such a wonderful idea. I love that something so simple can be so Christ-centered. I appreciate that you shared this with us.

  4. I adore this!!! Like absolutely love it! Precious! Sharing and Pinning now. Allison

  5. Thanks Natalie,
    You are a gift to the craft challenged and sometimes lacking in creativity pastors wives/ Sunday school teachers like me! Working on my treat bags and a basket for my almost 2 yr. god-daughter now. :) Love the NoBunny loves you like Jesus cards. I'm having 12 for Easter dinner and I'm thinking of using them with a chocolate bunny for place cards at the table. Also the sweet I'm so hoppy your my friend. Going to give the tags (already printed them and cut them) to my friend for her 4 yr. old grandson (that she's raising) to take to pre-school. Cute even without the little fingerprint bunny if she doesn't have time to do that with him. Thanks for sharing your gifts and talents with others free of charge. You are a blessing!

  6. Natalie,
    Thanks for using your gifts to inspire the craft challenged and sometimes lacking in creativity pastors wives/sunday school teachers like me! I'm working on my treat bags for my class. I love the NOBUNNY loves You like Jesus tags and I'm thinking of using them as place cards on chocolate bunnies for my Easter dinner guests. The little I'm so Hoppy you're my friend cards are so...cute! I already printed up a set for my friends 4 yr. old grandson, who she's raising, for him to take to his preschool class. They're cute with or without the little bunny thumbprint if she doesn't have time to do that with him. she still works full time! But I just want to thank you for choosing to share your talents and gifts with all of us free of charge. You are a blessing! Happy Resurrection Day! He lives!


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