Nail Polish Teacher Gift

Sorry for being somewhat absent these past two weeks! Great things are happening for our family and I have been a little tied up with them.  I can't wait to share it with you all.  I have been slacking so badly, that I just today got around to getting The Kiddo's teacher's gift to her.

I decided to get her some nail polish (since she always loves to paint The Kiddo's nails) and a gift card.  I had wanted to get her some other cool manicure stuff, but was having trouble finding things that would fit into my little pail. I got this idea from my Father's Day gift from last year. I found the pail at Walmart, and it actually housed a bunch of gift cards when I bought it.  Some other great ideas for this pail include: candy, files, hand creams, etc.  Basically anything having to do with  nails!

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