All Shook Up!: A Baby Valentine

Returning to work was sooo hard for me.  It's just so difficult knowing that I am missing out on so much of my baby's day.  However, something that is good about having your infant in daycare is getting to make super-cute Valentine cards for his class. So, I thought I would share the Valentines that I made for our newest family member.

I decided to get on PicMonkey and doll-up his one-month old pic.  I added the caption "Valentine - You've Got Me All Shook Up!".  Get it?  I was able to purchase rattles rather cheaply and since there are only seven other babies in his class, it didn't break the bank at all.  Add your cute photo to a cute little bag with some washi tape and finish it off with some baker's twine.  Then you have one super-cute and creative Valentine.  Another creative baby idea could be baby socks with "You Knock My Socks Off" or baby links with "We're Stuck Together".


  1. Congratulations on your baby. And I will keep following you on your blog. You always have great ideas.

  2. Sooo cute!!! You keep having wonderful ideas!
    I know returning to work is hard but is also good for mom and baby and when you are back at home with your little prince in your arms I'm sure you will make the best of the time you spend together.
    Have a nice weekend and valentine's Day


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