Colors of Christ Egg Coloring Kit: Free Printable

Coloring Easter eggs is a great way to teach our children about Christ.  Much like the Resurection Egg concept, comes my "Color of Christ"  Egg Coloring Printable.  It's made to go right over the front of one of the traditional PAAS egg coloring kits.  You will need to trim it to fit.  I made it a little bigger just in case there were other egg kits out there that others wanted to use.  I only defined the "rainbow" colors that come in the traditional kit, so if you get a different kit you will need to be a little bit more creative on your own.  I have faith in you!
The meanings of each color are listed on the second page that can either be folded up to go inside the package or just left outside.  Here are the different colors and meanings along with reference verses:
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  1. You are incredibly creative!! I had to share this on Pinterest and on twitter (@iStudyScripture). Thank you for blessing us! ~Amanda

  2. OK, Im loving your site. Just found this page as well. Im going to link to it from an Easter post I wrote on ways to prepare home spiritually for Easter if that's ok. Adorable

    1. That's awesome! Thanks for sharing this with your readers!


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